Diane Wynne-Fitzgerald, President, ASNet London

Diane was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2000. Overnight the disease changed her life dramatically, going from being extremely active running her own business to giving up work and being confined to the house. She wanted to educate herself about the disease and find the best way to manage her condition by meeting others in a self-help group. She spent a couple of years trying to find the type of help she needed and discovered there was nothing suitable in her local area. She discussed her dilemma with her Consultant Rheumatologist, Dr. Guy Dabrera, and they set up a group at King George Hospital in May 2002.

Diane lived on the International circuit from 1968 to 1985 with her first husband and has been married to her second husband since 1991. She has three children, two stepsons, seven grandchildren and one great grandson. She loves art, photography, music and gardening.