Living With Arthritis

A person who develops one of the severe types of arthritis can find their life changed in 24 hours. One night they go to bed fit and healthy but in the morning are unable to get out of bed owing to pain and immobility. This is frightening and most people try to cope by denying something is wrong and continue as best they can.

Once their condition is diagnosed, which can take months as the condition is complex in its various forms, they start treatment but then have to find a way of living with their pain and inability to lead a normal life.

Doctors are given a limited time with patients and to date cannot cure Arthritis. A short appointment with the doctor can help understand the disease and the patient will receive good treatment but for the hours, weeks, months and years following the patient has to learn to live with the disease. Having a positive attitude can make all the difference.

Eating, cooking, travelling, socialising, bathing, dressing, walking, sleeping and any of the other daily activities of normal life will pose some challenge or other. Joining a self-help group, such as Arthritis Self-help Network, can make a real difference in coping with this daunting situation. Meeting fellow arthritis sufferers helps to approach life more positively and engage with an understanding peer group.