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Weekly Newsletter, 12th March 2021

12th March 2021

Be positive with ‘ASNet’ connecting and informing you during lockdown.

Talk for Health – Join A Community and Get Free, Effective, Long-term Peer Support
Register to attend a FREE Talk for Health Taster on the 17 March 2021 or join the FREE next 4-day core programme starting the 5 March 2021.
What’s the idea?
It’s important to take care of our emotional wellbeing, just as it is to take care of our bodies. One way of doing this is to connect in a truthful and empathic way with others.
Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to take care of their wellbeing and support others.
What are your next steps?
Attend a Taster and/or do our in-depth 4-day Talk for Health Core Programme. Then you can:
• Come to talk for health cafes; continue talking for wellbeing and gain communication skills.
• Do a range of online group activities like breath work, art journaling and therapeutic writing.
• Follow these with ongoing groups for strong peer networks.

It’s all free and is commissioned by the NHS. You will learn and have space for:
• Honest talking – being the real you.
• Empathic listening.
• Basic counselling skills.
• How to set up and be part of an ongoing group to talk for wellbeing.

Click here to see our full list of events or for more information visit our website or contact [email protected] or call/text 02034 093201.

  • A free online public course on The Science of Health and Happiness has been launched by the Centre for Positive Psychology and Health at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences.
    Beginning on 3 March, this free ten-week course will explore how the principles of positive psychology and lifestyle medicine can be used to improve our health and optimise our well-being. It will cover a range of topics including whole person health, strengths, mindfulness and meditation, and obstacles and paths to happiness.

    Just a reminder, the rules are subject to change but are currently:

    29th March – rule of 6 or 2 households can meet outside
    12th April – Libraries and community centres open, outdoor hospitality open
    17th May – up to 30 people meeting outside, rule of 6 indoors, organised indoor sport allowed
    21st June – no limit on social contact

    Please see link below:-—not-before-12-april

    We would love to have your thoughts on what you feel you’d like to be involved in and also what the people who attended our meetings before would be interested in.
    One event that we need to do is the AGM which we missed last year owing to Lockdown.

  • Our bookings for this week
    Virtual Chat time again

    Saturday, 13th March
    11.30 am for an hour of lively discussion.

  • ‘Good nutrition and Arthritis’

    Joan Faria BEng (Hons) DipCNM

    Registered Nutritionist MBANT
    Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC

    This week’s topic is
    Gut health part 1: How to eat!

  • Chair based Yoga With Andy

    Chair based Yoga With Andy
    Thursday, 18th March, 2 to 3pm
    To join any of these sessions. Please email Phil for a link at [email protected]
  • More Covid-19 and why you should be vaccinated.

    A recent Teams session with Dr Danny Murphy who is a staff grade Rheumatologist & GP working across both Primary and Secondary care in the South West of England.

    He explained in simple words.
    ‘A vaccine that is said to be 75% effective can be illustrated in this way. If you put 100 people in a room and introduce the Covid-19 virus 75 of them will not be affected by the virus but 25 will become infected. The difference is that those 25 who become ill will not suffer severe effects of the virus and probably would not die from it.’
    So, make sure you get the vaccine when it is offered to you and encourage all your family, friends and neighbours to do so as well.

  • Useful tips
    Bananas – use the skin for a quick way
    to polish your shoes.

    Use white vinegar and water [50/50] in a spray bottle as a cleaning agent around the home.
    Much cheaper than proprietary brands and healthier too!
    does not need to be refrigerated, it will never go off [some found in the pyramids of Egypt was still edible] honey just becomes crystallised. If it does put the jar in a pan of water and warm gently – do not boil. Local honey is best for allergies. Local honey has not been processed as the honey we buy in the shops.

  • We need your help!
    Please send us your tips or stories to include in our next newsletter.
    Best wishes
    The ASNet Team