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Queen’s Award Assessment, 29/11/2019

11th December 2019

Good morning

Thank you all for coming yesterday. It was lovely to see everyone again.

A special thank you to Keith and Rani for making it possible for myself and Karen to be at the assessment; another special thank you to Phil and Sam for taking time off work to be with us.

Thanks to technology it was a blessing David was able to speak to Avril and feel he was part of this really important event.

Finally, thank you to everyone for helping with the setting up, serving teas and clearing away – we cannot manage without your valued help.

The meeting seemed to go well and we must keep our fingers crossed we are successful. Avril will write her report and submit it to the committee who makes the final decision, which will be in April/May time 2020. It would be wonderful if we get it next year as it will be our 18th year as an organisation and our 10th anniversary as a charity. That will call for a big celebration!!

Have a great weekend and see you next at our Christmas party on Saturday 14th December.

Fondest wishes

Diane 😍