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Latest news, 5th October 2019

5th October 2019

I thought it best to let you know David is in Queen’s hospital Amber A ward. His knee gave way as he was getting into bed last night, he fell and fractured his right femur – the x-ray showed a distal fracture. I know this will be a long recovery but firstly the leg has to be repaired which will mean surgery, and sadly, David is a surgical risk owing to his other medical conditions and that he takes Warfarin. I just heard his surgery is scheduled for Monday.

This is rather devastating after the good news on Tuesday. We were able to get an advert for the charity on the Physiotherapy appointment cards at KGH. One of our members, Mary Ling-Chung, very generously donated the annual fee for this. She wrote a cheque which we were able to send straight back to the company with the signed contract.

I received further good news last week from Avril McIntyre MBE DL, Chair of the Honours & Awards Committee for the Queen’s award for voluntary service. We have been nominated and will enter the final selection process in the next few months. This would be such a feather in our caps for our little charity.

I shall do my best to carry on running the charity and hope we can still have our fundraising quiz on Sunday 13th October from 2:00 to 4.30 pm.