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FURTHER BAD NEWS – November 2019

10th November 2019

Unfortunately Diane broke her right foot on Tuesday and will be out of action for several weeks. We are trying to put a plan in place to keep the Tuesday and Saturday sessions going. We shall let you know how things progress.

Karen is still rehabilitating from her fractured hip. She is at home but tells us it is very frustrating and is going to take a long time. David is still in Queens hospital as they have not been able to find a suitable place for him to rehabilitate. Rani is progressing but is still not completely recovered from her infection and is having to visit the hospital on a regular basis. Shewly, our regular volunteer has been off as her children were unwell and now she is suffering with the same bug!

In spite of all these problems we continue to stay positive as this week Diane met a young lady who we hope will be able to help capacity build our charity.

We hope some of you were able to attend the Iroko theatre event at Fullwell Cross Library on 7th November as it was something different and we were all looking forward to attending.

Our next big event before we close for the year will be our Christmas party on Saturday 14 December when we hope our key workers will be back in harness.

Very best wishes
The ASNet team